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Modern office space nestled amongst historical buildings, offering tranquility in the heart of Helsinki
fabian 8  |  Identity and history

A harmony of the old and the new

The history of Fabian 8 dates back to the 19th century when the site housed a residential building. Its transformation into an office space occurred in the 1970s. Now, we’re embarking on a fresh transformation, tailored for today and envisioned for the future. We’re modernizing in a way that reduces our carbon footprint: retaining the core structure, revitalizing the facade, and introducing a new annex in the courtyard.

The evolution of Helsinki’s most unique office premises from old to new is done with today’s finest materials, cutting-edge building technology and distinctive architecture. You can enjoy the city’s beautiful views under the shelter of new rooftop terraces. When you’re on top of your game, work flows smoothly.

fabian 8  |  General introduction

A haven of tranquility amidst the bustling heart of the city

The essence of Helsinki’s city center is best encapsulated on Fabianinkatu. The district of Kaartinkaupunki is rich with history, where one classical and gorgeous building stands next to another. The refreshing greenery is provided by the Esplanadi Park and “Kauppatori” market square adds to the city’s liveliness.

Fabian 8 is the street’s exclusive office building, boasting expansive floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor, creating a feeling of being at the center of everything, yet in your own peaceful space. The office premises and workdays at Fabian 8 are filled with light and sunshine.

All modes of transportation easily find their way to Fabian 8. Whether on foot, by bike, car, or public transport, your journey is always smooth. When the location is just right and holds significance, it adds freedom to daily life.

fabian 8  |  Premises

Unparalleled in essence, authentically exquisite

Fabian 8 stands out as a unique office space in Helsinki. It is the exception that proves the rule. It is a stylish gem in the middle of historical buildings that consists of highly modern building technology.

Fabian 8 epitomizes understated elegance. The style and architecture of the renovated building are unique and timeless. It’s an office space that intrigues, impresses and inspires. This ambiance is something you can only fully grasp by experiencing. Now, from the heart of Helsinki emerges a modern office space that engages staff and captivates visitors. Authenticity draws people in.

The style and architecture of the renewed building are unique and timeless

Floor area

9094 m2

Rentable floor area

5070 m2



Year of completion




Tram stop

150 m

Car park

200 m

Fabian 8  |  Location

Adding ease to workdays and quality to life

  • FABIAN 8
  • Tram stop
  • hotel
  • City bike park
  • Parking lot

Fabian 8 is easily accessible by all modes of transportation, whether you’re traveling by rail, wheels or on foot. The excellent location of the workplace plays a significant role in daily life, enhancing its quality in many ways.

Fabian 8 is positioned amidst a myriad of meaningful, life-enriching experiences. You can soak in the old-world market vibes at the Kauppatori, sit for a coffee in the green surroundings of the Esplanadi Park, admire the gentle ripple of waves from the Biennial pavilion, taste caviar in the Old Market Hall or catch a breath atop the Observatory Hill.

Fabian 8  |  The design theme is minimalist and sleek.
Fabian 8  |  The interior style features gray stone and brown wood.
Fabian 8  |  Espa design theme is warm and sophisticated.
Fabian 8  |  Espa interior style features light shades and warm brown.
Fabian 8  |  Tori design theme is colorful and inviting.
Fabian 8  |  Tori interior style is abundant, relaxed, and colorful.
Fabian 8  |  Stylish rooftop terrace in the middle of beautiful views.
fabian 8  |  Explore the office spaces

Flexible office spaces with curated interior themes.

The spaces at Fabian 8 adapt precisely to your working needs. Whether you’re looking for sunny open spaces, rooms with your own peace or cozy meeting areas – we design the perfect office space solution for you. Whether you’re seeking a high-quality flagship for your company, a credible headquarters, or an oasis for experts – there’s office space ranging from 322 to 425 square meters, totaling over 5000 square meters across seven floors.

To let you focus on your work, leading interior architects have crafted diverse design themes for the spaces. These themes save both time and additional costs. All material choices within the design themes have been created according to sustainable construction principles. Would you prefer the stylishly minimalist Fabian, the warmth-glowing Espa or the more colorful Tori?

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